Adding zones via web parts

In this post I would like to highlight one of my favorite web parts that ships with Kentico, the web part zone web part.


Social Intranet "Joost" wins Kentico Site of the Year 2014 award

Today we are celebrating the fact that we won the Kentico Site of the Year 2014 award for best Intranet with our project "Joost", a Social Intranet built on the Kentico platform. In this post I will highlight my top 5 favorite out-of-the-box Kentico features, that we facelifted in this Modern UI design.


Using K# transformations in form fields

Have you ever struggled with transforming the selected value of a drop down list into a human readable form? The combination of K# and Kentico forms allows you to just do that without even breaking a sweat.


Clean unused memory automatically (or not?)

About a month ago I showed you how you can easily reduce the number of project files by uninstalling modules using the Kentico Installation Manager. The goal was to reduce the memory usage of the application pools and to speed up the build of your Kentico projects. In this post I will continue the road to a better performing website and show you how you can leverage the scheduled tasks in Kentico to keep your memory profile as low as possible.


Pages crawler not returning search results

We are a big fan of widgets in our projects and this typically requires us to use a specific smart search index type to scan our content. In these scenarios it is recommended to use the pages crawler index type which indexes the HTML output of the pages. The pages crawler is more accurate than the standard pages index type as it also indexes content rendered via web parts and widgets.


Choose your modules wisely!

A couple of performance related topics seem to catch my attention lately. It concerns questions about the choice of using a website versus web application project type, reducing the memory usage of the application pools and speeding up the continuous integration build speed. My plan is to post a couple of blogs in the next couple of months to help you understand the requirements and provide you with practical tips that you can start using today.


Top 8 content management features for version 8

I have been playing the last couple of weeks with an early preview version of Kentico 8. This version contains several new features presented in a first glimpse of the new design. I would like to highlight my top 8 favorite features (in random order) that I look forward to use in the near future!


Transforming web part zones into flexible grids

Did you ever wanted to quickly add a control to your page and felt frustrated that you had to create the CSS to position the darn thing? This post will uncover a dirty little layout secret for web part zones.


Tips for becoming a Kentico Certified Developer

It seems like a hot topic at the office these days. Everyone wants to get certified in their specific areas. As my team specializes on development with Kentico, i'd like to help them out by providing my experiences hopefully resulting in a succesfull outcome.