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20 July 2010, disqus

Hi guys, I guess it is time for an update! My vacation is coming up and I did not find any time to write new posts. I have however been working on a new design for my blog and I hope that I can finish it anytime soon. The new design is nothing fancy and contains some tweaks which I will write about as soon as it’s live.

In other news…, You might have read about the upcoming Kentico Connection conference which is being held later this year in Prague. If you did then you might have noticed that yours truly is going to be a speaker at the event! I am very excited and feel honored to be able to spread my Kentico knowledge to the community!

Let me conclude with some nice blogs that recently have started blogging about Kentico. Keep up the good work!

Brian McKeiver's blog - 

Johnny Bubriskis blog -

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