Where did my module go?

I recently migrated one of our websites to 5.0 and I was asked to add a new module to the Tools section. So I basically approached it like I was used to in the 4.x days and it became clear to me that the setup of the modules in 5.0 has somewhat been changed. So for all my fellow module developers take a look at the screenshots below to get an impression of the changes.


As you can see in the screenshot, the modules have been reorganized. To illustrate this, open up the "CMS Desk" module.

CMS Desk

The "CMS Desk" module contains the elements: "Content", "My desk", "Tools" and "Administration". To give you a great example of what you can do here, add a new Element like follows:

New module

Save the module and go to the "CMS Desk". Notice our newly created "Google" module! 

Google module

Where in the old days (newly created) modules showed up in the "Tools" section of the "CMS Desk", 5.0 brings us a reorganized approach and adds them as new elements within the "Tools" module.

Module X

I for one really love this new way of module handling. Nice improvement Kentico!