Quick tip: Fast access to the Macros module

Do you ever take the time to think about why a certain task requires more effort (measured by the amount of clicks) than you would expect? For me one example is navigating to the Macro console, report and/or signatures, which are located within the System module. If you are like me and use the Macros module a lot than please continue reading and find an easy way to speed up access without having to change any existing code!

The steps are very easy to follow:
  • Fire up modules and edit the CMS module.
  • Go to the "user interface section" and navigate to "CMS" --> "Administration" --> "Configuration" --> "System" --> "Macros".
  • Hit customize and change the parent element to "Configuration".
  • Optionally provide a nice element icon CSS class like: "icon-braces-octothorpe".
Customize the macro module

Now you can easily access the Macros module from your dashboard or navigate to it via the menu.

Pin the Macros module to the dashboard

Happy tweaking :)