Update: Tips for becoming a Kentico Certified Developer

It seems like a hot topic at the office these days. Everyone wants to get certified in their specific areas. As my team specializes on development with Kentico, i'd like to help them out by providing my experiences hopefully resulting in a succesfull outcome.

Kentico Certified Developer Exam overview

Taken from the preparation guide: "The Kentico 9 Certified Developer Exam is securely administered online and consists of 50 questions to be completed within 60 minutes. The Exam is an open-book test –you may use any resource that you find helpful (have Kentico running, have the documentation open, etc.) except another person. You must take the exam individually; sharing or cheating will not be tolerated and will result in the disqualification of your current and future exams."

If you get a minimum score of 70%, you receive the Kentico Developer Certification. The benefits include:

  • Kentico Certified Logo: Gain access to the Kentico Certified logo to draw attention to your experience and mastery. Add the logo to your business cards, email signatures and resume.
  • Kentico Certified Online Badge: Gain access to an online badge within the Kentico forums that draws attention to your experience.
  • Kentico Certificate: Get proof of your qualification as a Kentico Expert.
  • Kentico Certified Developer Group Membership: Stay connected with other Kentico Certified Developers through LinkedIn, share your knowledge and experience.

Tips to increase your success

Please find below a list of tips that helped me passing my tests:

  1. Take the sample questions from the prep guide.
  2. Make sure that your are rested and relaxed. I prefer to do the test in the morning / afternoon in the weekend and not in the evening or even worse in the night after a day at the office ;)
  3. Startup a local installation (before you start the exam) of Kentico with preferbly the Dancing Goat site. As the preparation guide states it is allowed to use these resources.
  4. Open several Kentico guides for quick reference. My favorites are: Documentation, API reference, E-commerce features, On-line marketing features, Macro expressions
  5. Fire up Visual Studio and open the Kentico website and use the power of it's intellisense to get fast info on the Kentico API, methods and it's overloads.
  6. Use the Macro Browser located at /CMSAdminControls/UI/Macros/Dialogs/ObjectBrowser.aspx if you come across K# questions.
  7. Google is your friend. I prefer to do a search via: site:kentico.com your searchterm here

If you feel confident after reading this post then I advise you to sign up for the exam via the following link. Good luck!

Throwback thursday tips

If you are planning to take any older v6, v7 or v8 exams (if still possible) you might run into questions regarding Azure and the Intranet solution. These topics are not part of the v9 exam anymore.

Further reading