Changing a documents template while having the CMS Editor role

As you probably know, CMS Editors do not have the permissions to change a documents template once the document has been created. The required permission needed in this case is "Design web site". Administrators however should carefully consider giving the CMS Editors this permission because it also allows the editor access to the design tab. So what now? Well KenticoCMS 5.0 UI Personalization is the answer!

Below you can find a screenshot of what a CMS Editor user can see in KenticoCMS 5.0 template tab of a documents properties.


The editor cannot change the template in this case. Luckily for us, KenticoCMS 5.0 offers the ability to personalize the UI. So first we have to give the CMS Editors role access to the permission "Design web site". To do this go to "Site Manager" and open up the "Administration" tab, then Permissions and select for "Permission type" Modules and "Permission matrix" Content. 

Tick the box under "Design web site" for the Role "CMS Editors" like in the picture above. When the CMS Editor now logs on he will be able to change the documents template:


But as you probably noticed, the Design tab is still there. To fix this go to "Site Manager" and open up the "Development" tab, then "Modules" and finally edit "Content". The properties dialog has changed in 5.0 and looks as follows:


A new thing here is the "User interface" tab. Open it up like in the picture above, select "Design" and open up the "Roles" tab. Finally uncheck the "CMS Editors" box.

So now the CMS Editor will not be able to access the design tab thanks to the UI Personalizations of KenticoCMS 5.0. Be aware though that the "Design web site" permission grants the user access to some other things aswell, like for instance the "Master page" tab on the document Root.

Hope this helps!