Shortcuts in KenticoCMS

Hi! I thought it would be nice to cover some shortcuts in KenticoCMS which I have found useful. Please note that most of the shortcuts existed in previously versions of KenticoCMS and are not specific for Version 5.0.

1. Edit CSS stylesheet from Site properties

In KenticoCMS 5.0 it is possible to directly edit a CSS Stylesheet from within the "Site properties". This is really handy in case you have a lot of stylesheets and you need to manually find out which one is being used by the website.


2. Document Context menu in Content Tree

You can access the context menu by right clicking on a document in the Content Tree. The context menu offers some basic operations for adding, deleting, copying, moving and sorting documents. You can also quickly jump to a specific part of the documents properties by hovering over the "Properties" property and selecting the desired target.

3. Page template properties from within Design modus

I often switch back and forth between the documents "Design" tab and the documents "Page template properties". Luckily for me there is a very nice shortcut "hidden" in the "Design" tab of the document. Check out the picture below for the location of the shortcut.


4. Shortcut CTRL + S for saving changes

Although clearly mentioned in the "Editing home page content" tutorial, a lot of users are not aware of this shortcut. In almost every section you can quickly save the changes by pressing CTRL + S.


5. Web part zone properties

This is not really a shortcut like the above ones but it can be a real time saver, because all the basic properties which web parts share can be globally set via the web parts zone properties.


That wraps it up for now and yes I have probably forgot to mention some other nice shortcuts but feel free to mention those in the comments of this post.