Tips and Tricks: Team development synchronization via web farms

Have you ever worked on a project with multiple devs and noticed that you needed to restart your Kentico application to prevent overriding your colleagues work? This can be avoided using web farm synchronization.

It works as follows. Every developer runs a local copy of the files which point to the same shared database. When a developer updates an object the other developers need to be somehow informed. This can be easily accomplished by enabling web farm synchronization to notify all the development machines when a change requires the cache to be flushed.

The steps are simple:
  1. Go to "Site Manager" → "Settings"  "→Versioning & Synchronization" → "Web farm"
  2. Enable the setting "Enable web farm"
  3. Enable the setting "Generate servers dynamically"

Web farm synchronization settings

As soon as a developer starts his Kentico application, it will automatically be added to the list of web farm servers and will start logging changes in the form of web farm tasks. Happy developing!