Top 8 content management features for version 8

I have been playing the last couple of weeks with an early preview version of Kentico 8. This version contains several new features presented in a first glimpse of the new design. I would like to highlight my top 8 favorite features (in random order) that I look forward to use in the near future!

1. Content filtering

This feature allows you to filter the selection of documents when working in list mode. The document type selector in the top of the screen filters the documents according to the selected type and shows additional filters which can be managed via the corresponding alternative form.

Content filtering

2. Web parts & Widget improvement

My wish has finally come true. Version 8 will ship with the feature to copy/paste web parts and widgets between zones and even different pages! Another improvement in 8 includes workflow for widgets. Yay :)

Copy widgets

3. Document type scopes

Have you ever searched for an easy way on how to restrict the creation of a document type to a certain path or condition? Version 8 will allow you to do so using document type scopes.

Document type scopes

4. Combined web parts

One cool feature in 8 will be the ability to combine multiple web parts into one. Simply create a new web part that inherits from a layout web part and configure the default content. Piece of cake!

Combined web part

5. Form builder

This nice addition to the forms module allows almost feels like playing with LEGO. Quickly customize your form by drag and dropping components (fields). If you look closely you can also leverage the new rich text editor component.

Form builder

6. Document wizard web parts

These new web parts generate a fancy wizard and are really easy to configure (similar to how a repeater works). Advantages of the document wizard includes full control over the content, easy reordering, multilingual step content, personalization and on-line marketing features. Also available in K# macros :)

Document wizard web parts

Document wizard macros

7. Macro improvements

I know a lot of developers will love this one. Kentico 8 ships with the following new and improved system pages for macros: debug, signatures, report, console (previously the object browser) and benchmark.

Macro console

8. Module development

Basically one of the biggest changes in 8 and first milestone towards the Kentico AppStore. The goal is to refactor all built-in modules and recreate them using the new modularization options.

Module development

Kentico 8 is scheduled for release in the first half of 2014.