Kentico Ask the Experts 2016 #3 Recap

Earlier this week I had the priviledge to take part of an online expertise panel to discuss Kentico related questions.

The panelists


  • How / When should I decide to use a separate instance vs having multiple sites in the same instance?
  • Is there a benefit of using a Pages Datasource and a Basic Repeater webpart over a standard Repeater for getting and displaying pages?
  • We have used the KInspector to tune our sites, which gave us good results. Are there any other areas you can recommend we can look at that aren't covered with the tool?
  • What are some tips for moving an application on-premise to the cloud?
  • What is the one thing that developers need to think about when deploying to a production environment?
  • On caching and performance, are the default Kentico settings "good enough" or should you be performing additional caching from server or even specific pages/webparts?